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At MWA Advisors, we provide a total, integrated retirement service to goal-oriented individuals and couples. Our clients are typically over 50 years in age and are transitioning to retirement (within a couple of years/months of their planned retirement date) or are already retired. We also assist Baby Boomers over age 50 explore their options regarding semi-retirement and potential career transitions, as well as single, divorced, and widowed women over age 50 who are seeking a financial planning and decision-making partner.

As each client's trusted advisor, we take on the primary responsibilities of retirement planning and investment management.
You are a strong fit for our firm if:
  • You are over 50 and are at or nearing retirement.
  • You have accumulated a minimum of $1,500,000 in investments.
  • You would like to delegate planning and investment management responsibility to an experienced professional team in order to reduce your financial stress.
  • You have no desire to spend your valuable time researching and managing your investments.
  • You recognize a long overdue need to organize, simplify and plan your retirement.
  • You are committed to achieving your vision of life and financial security in retirement.

For information on our Private Client Retirement Service, please click here.

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